Pass Outs at Bass Camp

Key Info

You can come and go when the gate is attended.
Don’t forget your wrist band, ticket and ID to get back in to Bass Camp.
Beach access is Saturday 2pm-8pm, Sunday 8am-2pm.

Bass Camp pass-outs allow ticket holders to come and go from the site at [cgv veue]. So why would you want to leave Perth’s hottest summer festival? Here’s why…

BYO Festival1. Booze Run

So you went to the bar for a drink, and realised it’s a BYO event! No stress, there’s a bottle shop in Rockingham, 5 mins drive from Bass Camp!  Please drive safe, and remember that glass is not permitted  at Bass Camp, so go for tinnies and switch over to plastic bottles before you enter the gate.

Don’t forget your wrist band, ticket and ID to get back in to Bass Camp!

Accommodation at Bass Camp Festival2. Accommodation

Bass Camp is so close to town, you can easily catch a ride back home, or even walk to the caravan park down the road if you can’t handle the bassss!!!  Plan your exit and re-entry with peak traffic times in mind, and don’t forget your wrist band, ticket and ID to get back in.

For the full Bass Camp experience, book a bunk bed for only per person!

The main gate at Bass Camp is attended from 9am – 12am for you to come and go.

3. Beach Please!

Beach access from Bass Camp is just a short 100 metre walk from the bunk dorms. Heading to the beach will mean that you are leaving the festival grounds, so you will need your wristband to get back in.  Please note that the beach access gate will be open times below:

Beach Access
Saturday 2pm-8pm
Sunday 8am-2pm

Car Pool to Bass Camp FestivalCar Passes parking on site

Car parking for Car Passes is inside the main gate with your camp in you purchase a fixed car pass, or 100 metres away in the car park if you purchase a flexible car pass. Yay! Having a Car Pass will mean you can park on site, and you will not have to re-enter through the gate to access your vehicle.


Bass Camp 2022's ticketing terms and conditions