Cars, Parking and Shuttles

Car Pool to Bass Camp Festival

Parking your car on site at Bass Camp will require you to purchase a Car Pass together with your Weekend Pass.

Read below about parking with a Car Pass, parking for Day Passes, and our free shuttle bus for everyone.

Who can purchase a Car Pass?

Car Passes are reserved for those purchasing a Weekend Pass to Bass Camp.  You can park with your camp by purchasing a fixed car pass but will not be permitted to move once parked.

If you need to leave and return from Bass Camp in your car, you can purchase a flexible car pass. Your car will be parked in the car park on site which is 100 metres away from the camping area.

Free Shuttle Bus

Our free shuttle bus will take all ticket holder’s gear from the front Gate to their camp.


Can I camp in my van or caravan?

There are a strictly limited number of campervan passes available for Bass Camp. You will need to buy a campervan pass to be able to bring your camper in.


  • Small campervan/RVs without trailers, maximum 2 axle
  • Hard-floor camper trailers (forward fold, rear fold, dual fold or slide) maximum 8m long when opened, single axle trailers only
  • Rear-fold only, soft-floor camper trailers (thin footprint)
  • Caravans maximum 8m (full, expanded length)
  • Solar panels
  • Small generators permitted between 10am-3pm

Not Permitted:

  • “5th wheel” rigs
  • Large RVs or caravans (3 axle or greater)
  • Tarps on grassed areas (suitable camping matting only)
  • Camping stoves, naked flames of any description (fire ban)
  • Generators between 3pm-10am
  • Disposal of waste water
  • Pets
  • Washing of vehicles/vans


  • Level parking space
  • Access to showers and toilets (in dorm area)

Not provided:

  • Mains power
  • Water supply to van
  • Waste water drain
  • Dump point for portable toilets

General Requirements:

  • Vehicle and trailer must be licensed and in good/safe and roadworthy condition.
  • Driver must be licensed and in suitable condition when operating the vehicle.
  • Follow directions of event staff at all times.
  • Provide details (type, approx. length/width) of campervan/camper to event organisers at time of booking
  • Jockey wheels MUST have a hard base support (large block of wood, purpose-made jockey wheel base, etc)



Free Parking

Ticket holders can park for free in the public car park outside the front gate.

This carpark is NOT patrolled by security, and we do not recommend sleeping in your car by the road. 

Getting to Bass Camp

Here are some tips on getting to Bass Camp at Point Peron, and saving excess car use:

  • Car pool together with some mates.
  • Catch a taxi, ride-share or a lift from mum.  Bass Camp is only 30 minutes from Fremantle.
  • Catch a Transperth bus

Bikes and human-powered vehicles

Pedal-powered bikes and trikes are welcome at Bass Camp.   Even though we’re all friends, we still recommend using a lock to secure your bike around camp.  If in doubt about your bike or vehicle, contact us.



Bass Camp 2022's ticketing terms and conditions