Camping Guide

This is the ultimate guide to camping at Bass Camp.  Read below for the ultimate checklist, tips and tricks on how to Bass Camp, in a tent.

Tickets & ID

Everyone must bring their entry ticket with their name on, either as a printed ticket or on screen with a barcode.  Please also bring your photo identification.

You can find your ticket in your email sent from Humanitix, or you can get another copy of your ticket in your online Humantix account.

Packing & Parking

Cars, caravans and trailers are not permitted in the camping area.  With a Car Pass (available only for Weekend Passes) you can park your car in the designated carpark inside the gate, approx 500m from the camping area.   We will shuttle you and your camping gear from the Gate/Car Park into camp for free!

Day Pass tickets can park for free outside the front Gate, approx 500 metres away near Cockburn Road.

The Woodman Point Caravan Park is next door to Bass Camp, which is an option for accommodation.

Parking, Car Passes at Bass Camp

Read more about cars, parking and buses.

Free Shuttle Bus

Our shuttle bus is free for all ticket-holders, and will carry you and your camping gear through to the camp grounds, where you can then unload and setup camp.  With this in mind, pack your bags and camping gear in easy-to-carry bundles and containers.  Our Bass Camp crew will be there to direct and assist you.

Tent & Shade

Bring your tent with tent-pegs to secure to the ground.  There are sometimes coastal winds from the beach, so it’s important to use decent tent pegs to keep your tent grounded.

Some camping spots will have shade, but the majority of grassed areas for camping may not have shade during the heat of the day.  Consider bringing an extra tarp or gazebo for shade over your tent, especially in the morning before breakfast which is served from 8am-11am.

Bass Camp has plenty of shaded areas for hanging out, with tables and chairs for your comfort. Make it easy on your setup and pack-down by bringing only your essential camping gear.

TIP – It pays to setup your tent early at Bass Camp.  You can choose your ideal camping spot on the grass, plus free lunch is being served until 2pm.


Breakfast and lunch is FREE for Weekend Passes at Bass Camp.  Check out the Camp Kitchen menu here.

Dinner options are available for purchase from food trucks, and our Camp Kiosk has ice, mixers and snacks available for purchase.  Day Passes to Bass Camp do not have any food included in their ticket price, nor camping included.

You may not need to bring any extra food, but you are welcome to bring whatever you food you wish.  There is a complete fire ban at Bass Camp, so please note that cooking with a flame is prohibited.  If you do bring food, use an eski or container to make it easy to carry in and out of the camp grounds.

Plates, bowls and cutlery are provided by the Camp Kitchen for breakfast and lunch, so you may not need to bring these if you are relying on the provided meals.

Drinks & Ice

Bring your own drinks to Bass Camp, including alcohol for the weekend.  Glassware and glass bottles are banned, to avoid injury from potential broken glass.  If you do buy drinks in glass, please switch to a plastic or metal container before you pack for Bass Camp.  Tinnies are way better than glass stubbies too.

You can save packing space by purchasing mixers and ice from the Camp Kiosk.  Alcohol will not be for sale, so you must bring your own.

Don’t forget your drinking cups, again not glass.

Drinking Water

There are drinking water fountains around Bass Camp, but you may want to bring your own drinking water for convenience.  It’s a great idea to bring a drinking water bottle so you can stay hydrated in the summer sun, especially on the beach.

Bass Camp has showers available for everyone, so you don’t need extra water for washing.


If you plan to sleep at some point over the long weekend at Bass Camp, bring your camp bedding for your tent.  Check the weather forecast, and you’ll likely see a hot summer weekend, without the need for heavy bedding.  Do bring something to sleep on, such as an air-mattress or foam mattress. Keep your packing light, as you won’t be able to park your car next to the camping area.

Bunk beds are available for Weekend Passes at $60 per person, sharing in a dorm of 4-10 people.  Day Passes can not stay overnight at Bass Camp, and must leave the site at midnight.

Beach Gear

If you’re planning some beach time at Bass Camp, you can access the beach through our security gate.  Please note that by leaving the camp grounds, you will be entering a public beach and you will require your wrist band to get back into Bass Camp.  The beach gate will be open during peak times, with security guards and lifeguards on duty.

Bring your beach gear, including protection from the harsh sun.  It gets very hot in the sun, so please bring a hat and sunscreen, and drink plenty of water before, during and after your beach time. Also bring beach fun!  Don’t forget the eski, beach towels, festival sunnies, inflatable unicorns, donuts and novelty pizza slices, beach balls, frisbees and all the fun you need for Bass Camp by the beach.

Survival Gear

Bass Camp is located at the Woodman Point Recreation Camp, with showers and flushing toilets, a camp kitchen, and everything you need for a comfortable weekend.  There are still some important items you should bring to survive your camping experience:

  • Solar or battery powered lighting for your campsite
  • A personal torch
  • Hat and sun protection
  • Towel and personal toiletries
  • Required medication
  • Water bottle for each person
  • Eski to keep your drinks and snacks fresh
  • Tent pegs, tent ropes and a hammer

Closed in Shoes

Some of the camp activities will require you to wear closed-in shoes, particularly the rock climbing and zip-lines.  All camp activities are included in your ticket price, so bring some shoes so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Thongs or flip-flops are also an essential part of any summer festival.  The ground can get quite hot on the astro-turf by the main stage, and the white-hot sand on the way to the beach.

Party Gear

Get into the spirit of Bass Camp with your party gear!  Dress-up, or dress-down into the Bass Camp theme.  It’s going to be hot and summery in the day, and illuminated at night.  Bring your doof stick, party tricks and glow-wear! There will be splash pools and slides near the main stage, and the sandy beach is a short stroll away.

What NOT to Bring

Don’t be that guy or girl. Please don’t bring:

  • Lasers or fireworks
  • Animals, unless they are a registered service animal.
  • Glass-ware or glass bottles

Please be mindful of rubbish, and use the bins provided around camp.

Festival Info