Meet the Crew at Bass Camp

Bass Camp wouldn’t be possible without our fearless camp crew and volunteers.  Get to know some of the friendly faces around camp in 2020.

Just like a summer camp for boys and girls, Bass Camp has a team of Camp Counsellors, Lifeguards and other camp crew to keep you safe, and absolutely entertained for the Aussie long weekend. Read below on who you can expect to meet.

Crew and volunteer application for Bass Camp 2020 is open until the end of December.

Volunteer Application

Camp Counselors

These aren’t your average camp counselors!  Bass Camp Counselors go beyond the call of duty, not only tucking you into your bunk bed at 5:35am sunrise, but they’ll help you blow up your inflatable unicorn while you pack the beer in the eski.  While some of these duties may not be true, it is true that Camp Counsellors are your designated drivers for the weekend.  You’ll find these volunteers roaming the camp, searching for their next camper to assist.  They know what to do, where to go, and who to ask.  Legends!


Fresh out of Baywatch, Bass Camp Lifeguards will be patrolling both fresh water and salt water spots. Just outside the gates of Bass Camp are the pristine shores of Woodman Point, sometimes wavey and sometimes smooth, but always perfect for beachy hangs.  Lifeguards will be ensuring campers are above the water more than under the water, and that the good vibes are flowing.  The freshwater at Bass Camp will barely cover your shins, but is arguably the funnest water featuring in splash pools, slip ‘n’ slides and other water features.  Our Lifeguards will be there to keep you cool and safe.


Band-aids, sunscreen and ice-packs are hopefully the extent of the service required of our Medics crew at Bass Camp.  If you do however break a leg being a jackass, you’re in the best of care with our trained and licensed medical crew.  The summer camp activities at Bass Camp such as zip-lines and rock-climbing are all fully supervised with qualified staff who are there to keep you safe while you get all the thrills!

About our Volunteers

You’ll see our Bass Camp crew and volunteers from the Camp Gate to the Camp Kiosk, doing an amazing job of making Bass Camp the best!  Until the end of December you can apply to join the crew too.  Volunteer spaces are very limited, so head over to the Krypto Nights website to apply.