Camp Activities at Bass Camp 2021

All tickets to Bass Camp includes free summer camp activities on the Aussie long weekend.

Bass Camp is a music festival like no other, with the supreme mix of summer, music, beach and adventure. Plan your Bass Camp adventure by coming early on the Saturday to experience what’s on offer at Woodman Point.

What camp activities can you expect this year at Bass Camp? Here are the top 7…

7. Beach Trip

Bass Camp Beach

Bring your inflatables of all shapes and sizes to Bass Camp for an Aussie-as summer.  Our lifeguards will be on patrol to keep you safe while you enjoy the pristine waters at Woodman Point.  Please note that you will need your festival wristband to get back into Bass Camp when returning from the public beach.

Access to the beach from will be open Saturday 2pm – 8pm, and Sunday 8am-2pm. This is when our lifeguards are on duty.

6. Rock Climbing

Bass Camp Rock Climbing

Scale the side of the custom-built rock climbing wall at Bass Camp!  We have all of the safety equipment and expertise for an exhilarating climb, and a safe return to Earth.

Rock climbing will be available on Saturday at Bass Camp.

5. Archery

Bass Camp Archery

Yes, we have archery at Bass Camp! Our qualified instructors will be there to guide you, so you can show the bulls-eye who’s boss.  And yes, you must be coherent and well-behaved before you’re given access to shooting arrows at Bass Camp!

Archery will be available on Saturday at Bass Camp.

4. Slip n Slide

Slip n Slide at Bass Camp

As Aussie as you can imagine, the slip n slide at Bass Camp will be wet and slippery! Hurtle yourself into oblivion and race your mates to the glorious finish.  Don’t forget your bathers and towel for Bass Camp!

Water slides will be available on Sunday at Bass Camp.

3. Indoor Climbing

Bass Camp Indoor Climbing

Checkout the vertical playground inside “The Cube” at Bass Camp!  Our qualified instructors will strap you in so you can scale every surface you can hold on to.  We’ll have some beats playing and all the safety equipment you need to climb the shit out of the place!

Indoor Climbing will be available on Saturday at Bass Camp.

2. Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank at Bass Camp

The dunk tank is an Aussie version of archery!  Sit your mates in the dunk chamber and peg balls at the target.  You may even see some special guests willing to be dunked at Bass Camp.  The dunk tank is guaranteed to provide hours of senseless fun, and will be stationery right near the D-floor, for maximum laughs!  Our Lifeguards and Camp Counselors are always on hand to keep you safe and laughing.

The dunk tank will be available on Sunday at Bass Camp.

1. Double Zip Line

Bass Camp Zipline

Race your mates to the bottom on the double zipline at Bass Camp!  Our qualified instructors will strap you into your harness so you can fly across the entire camp grounds at break-neck speed.

All camp activities at Bass Camp are free and included in your ticket price.  Camping and meals are also included, and it’s an 18+ BYO event.  Your weekend is fully sorted!

The zipline will be available on Saturday at Bass Camp. Come early so you don’t miss out!


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