Terms & Conditions

Krypto Night Events (ABN 65628554852) (the “Promoter”) is the operator and promoter of Bass
Camp (the “Event”) which is to be held on public property at Woodman Point Recreation Camp
(the “Event Site”).
The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to the sale of tickets
(“Tickets”) and admission to the Event. By purchasing a ticket to the event you agree to be
bound by the following Terms and Conditions.
The Promoter reserves its right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time, and will post
any changes on the website at www.basscamp.com.au/tickets (the “Website”).

To attend the Event, you must show a valid Ticket.
Tickets must be purchased through https://basscamp.com.au/tickets/ as e-tickets online
(“E-Tickets”). The Promoter may also give you a complimentary Ticket for volunteering.
Volunteer tickets may not be re-sold.
All E-Tickets are printed with a name. If you attempt to use an E-Ticket to enter the Event, you
must either be the person listed on the E-Ticket (and show Valid ID bearing the same name as
on the E-Ticket)
The Promoter will not replace lost, stolen or damaged Tickets. We may cancel a Ticket, where
it is sold in a manner not authorised by us. You may be refused entry to the Event if your Ticket
is found to be damaged or cancelled.

Refunds, Changes and Cancellations
You will not be entitled to a refund for a change of personal circumstances, poor weather
conditions, where you are evicted from the Event or where the Promoters makes changes to the
The Promoter reserves the right to make changes to the Event, without prior notice, including
and without limitation to dates, venue, line-ups, amenities, facilities, entry and exit times and
other attractions, in these circumstances, your ticket will be replaced or refunded if requested.
The Promoter may cancel the Event, for a reason outside the Promoter’s reasonable control,
including without limitation, fire, poor weather conditions, drought, acts of god, rulings by
government, the police or other authorities (a “Force Majeure Event”). Where the Event is
cancelled due to a Force Majeure Event, the Promoter will make every effort to provide
maximum refunds. Where the Event is cancelled for any other reason, including COVID-19
outbreaks or restrictions, the Promoter will refund the value of your Ticket minus the booking

The Promoter may, in its sole discretion, refuse you entry to the Event if you have breached the
Terms and Conditions or otherwise pose a threat to the security of the Event. If you attempt to
obtain access to the Event Site without a valid Ticket, you will be considered a trespasser and
handed to the local authorities for charging.
Upon admission to the Event, you will be provided with a wristband (“Wristband”). You must
keep your Wristband on at all times during the Event and may be evicted if you are caught not
wearing one. Lost or stolen Wristbands will not be replaced. Your Wristband provides you
access to all public areas of the Event Site.
Pass outs will be permitted during certain Event hours for satisfactory reasons but a strict sign in
and out procedure must be followed with ID shown on both exit and entry for contact tracing.
It is a condition of entry to the Event that you allow Event staff to search your vehicle, clothes,
bags and other possessions prior to entering the Event Site.

Ticket Holders MUST be over 18 years of age and MUST show valid Photo ID at The Event
entrance bearing the same name as printed on their Event Ticket. Security has the right to ask
you for additional verification of identity on request.
Valid forms of identification include:
18+ Passport, Photo Driver Licence
Proof of Age card
International Passports
Invalid forms of identification are:
Photo identification that has been tampered with
Photo identification that is expired
Photos of Identification documents
International drivers licences

Onsite Conduct
When attending the Event, you must follow the direction of the Promoter’s staff at all times and
our Code of Conduct which can be found at www.basscamp.com.au/info. The Code of Conduct
forms part of the Terms and Conditions that you are bound by. You may be evicted by the
Promoter where you do not follow the Terms and Conditions and/or Code of Conduct. Anyone
found dealing illegal drugs, committing sexual harassment or assault or carrying out any other
criminal behaviour at the Event will be evicted and reported to the local police.

Cars, Camping and the Environment
To park your vehicle at Bass Camp, you must display a vehicle pass which may be
pre-purchased via the website. Parking is not available in the camping area and is
approximately 1km away from the camp site. A shuttle bus will be available to transport you and
your luggage to Bass Camp.
The Promoter may tow-away any vehicle that is parked on an undesignated area or on the
public roads surrounding the Event. You agree that you are only permitted to camp and park
within designated areas and as directed by the Promoter. You agree to respect the
environment, recycle rubbish and be water efficient at all times during the Event.

Prohibited Items and Behaviour
You are prohibited from bringing certain items to or acting in certain ways at the Event.
Prohibited items include glass, pets (with the exception of registered guide dogs), BBQs,
fireworks, candles, gas stoves, quads or mini bikes, generators, sound systems, illicit drugs and
illegal substances. Prohibited behaviour includes lighting fires, stealing, harming the
environment, disrupting local communities, damaging the Event Site and equipment, tampering
with neighbours’ properties, anti-social behaviour, aggressive or harassing conduct and
impaired driving. Refer to the Website for a full list of prohibited items and behaviour and for
more information. If we are required to confiscate a prohibited item, we do not guarantee the
safe return of that item. You agree we are not responsible for any loss or damage associated
with us confiscating a prohibited item.

You agree that we and our ticketing partner www.humanitix.com.au may collect, use, store and
disclose personal information belonging to you, in accordance with Humanitix’s Privacy Policy
which is found at https://events.humanitix.com.au/pdfs/humanitix_privacy_policy.pdf

Intellectual Property and Recordings
The Promoter is the exclusive owner or licensee of all intellectual property created to promote
the Event ‘Bass Camp’.
All media personnel must have the prior written approval of the Promoter to enter the Event
Site. Professional audio visual cameras (as determined by the Promoter) are not permitted at
the Event, unless you have the prior written permission of the Promoter and carry that
permission at all times. You agree that authorised personnel may take photos, films and other
recordings of you at the Event and the Promoter may use those in perpetuity for any
promotional purpose. If you take any photo, film or other recording at the Event, you also agree
to let the Promoter use those in perpetuity for any promotional purpose.

Entry to the Event is at your own risk. You acknowledge that there are many inherent dangers of
attending a camping Event which may result in loss or damage to your property, personal injury
or even death and you agree to take all necessary steps to keep yourself safe such as wearing
footwear and earplugs and staying hydrated. Where you are injured or fall ill at the Event, you
consent to the Promoter arranging the necessary medical treatment and medical authorities
exchanging personal and sensitive information with the Promoter in order for the Promoter to
address risks and hazards at the Event. The Promoter does not accept any responsibility for
loss or damage to your personal property.

To the extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify and hold the Promoter and the
Associates harmless from any and all direct, quantifiable and reasonable claims, liability, loss,
damage and costs suffered by the Promoter and the Associates (whether based in negligence
or any other tort, contract, statutory liability or otherwise) in relation to you breaching the Terms
and Conditions.

Any void or unenforceable part of these Terms and Conditions may be severed without affecting
the enforceability of the remainder of these Terms and Conditions.
This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Western
Australia, Australia and the Federal Court of Australia (where applicable). The Parties submit to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia, Australia.
The Promoter is permitted to assign this agreement to a third party for restructuring, sale or any
other purpose, provided that the third party agrees to assume the Promoter’s rights and
responsibilities under this agreement.

Please note these additional Terms & Conditions apply while the West Australian State of
Emergency Directions for the COVID-19 pandemic are in place. The additions are to be read in
conjunction with Bass Camp standard Terms & Conditions.

Do not attend the event if you are unwell
While generally a refund or exchange of a ticket is not applicable as a result of a change in your
personal circumstances, we are mindful that you should not be attending an event if you are
unwell. As an interim COVID-19 measure if you are unwell, please contact our event team prior
to the event to discuss your options with us.

Contact tracing data collection
The Promoter maintains attendance records of patrons for contact tracing purposes, and
requests the contact details for all patrons when you purchase your tickets. Please inform us if
the contact details for you or your guest(s) change after booking your tickets, including if your
group includes different people. The contact information you provide will only be used for
contact tracing purposes if necessary, is stored securely and will be deleted 28 days after the
State of Emergency Directions expire. The Promoter retains the right to refuse entry to anyone
who has not provided or chooses to provide false contact details.

Health and hygiene
Your health and safety is our priority. All of our staff and volunteers have completed the AHA
Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course, and the venue has increased the cleaning
regimes for the event. There is hand sanitizer in multiple spaces available for you to use.

Physical distancing
Following State Government guidelines, the promoter has limited the amount of tickets available
for the event for your health and safety. Please ensure you are practicing physical distancing
with our staff and other patrons by keeping a distance of 1.5 metres while moving through the
venue space. We ask that you use the designated queuing spots on the floor when lining up for
meals. Please listen to any direction given by our staff.

COVIDSafe app
We recommend downloading the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app. Click here for more