Red Earth Dub Circus

Red Earth Dub Circus

The Red Earth Dub Circus is a refreshingly original, sweet, hot & dirty psychedelic reggae & dub affair run by musical activists (from Vanuatu, France, South Africa, Germany, the Caribbean Islands & the UK) based out of Fremantle, WA.

The REDC is an international crew that are craving the satisfaction of gathering community around the warm caramel bass sounds and hip-shaking rhythms of all things offbeat! When the REDC opens the ring, it uniquely fuses the funky sounds of its live musicians with the ski l ls of their bass-heavy DJs. This unique musical soiree of performers, dancers, everyday clowns, musical masterminds, jugglers of life, mad hatters and storytellers will surely get your hips shaking!

This cheeky blend of live and electronic music can be described as futuristic yet organic: at the same time uplifting and earthbound, driving yet relaxing. Combining elements of dub, roots and bass, with a pinch of African rhythm, circus anthems and funk, the Red Earth Dub Circus has succeeded in creating a highly original musical fusion, celebrating the diversity of modern and classic dub-influenced bass music by tearing down genre boarders!

An ever-mutating collective, the Red Earth Dub Circus aims to make every show a unique experience for the audience. Taking them on a musical trip, passing through different dimensions from the beginning to the end.