If you don’t know Micah you haven’t partied in Perth. Simple. With 10 Perth Dance Music awards, a number 1 hit on Beatport as half of the infamous ‘Black & Blunt’ and more epic party stories than Mick Jagger, Micah is literally a Perth legend.

Making his name as resident and programmer for over 16 years at the legendary Ambar nightclub, curating music and line ups for Boomtick Events, Villa Nightclub & Breakfest, playing every major festival that has come to Perth in the last….well forever plus playing around the world at places like Fabric Nightclub, Kazantip Festival & Burning Man, Micah has a gig list longer than most people’s bucket lists.

Whether its hosting Full Frequency weekly on RTRFM92.1, dropping disco damagers in dark rooms or firing up a main stage, Micah’s diverse musical taste and over 2 decades of experience behind the decks means his capacity for delivering the right music at the right time is unparalleled.

But despite all of this (did we mention he was 4 time WA DJ of the year voted by inthemix.com.au) without a doubt his crowning achievement was writing a piece of music that made it onto everyone’s favourite TV show CSI.  Just kidding (although this did actually happen) His crowning achievement has been creating The Wild Campout along with the rest of the Royal Jelly Team and building the community around it as it’s become one of the best events in Western Australia.

In the last few years Micah has also embedded himself in the Blazing Swan community, finding a home in the fray playing across genres at camps like Koasis, Alliance, Papazahns and his annual sunrise set at God Said No on Sunday morning becoming a firm crew highlight.

So whether you’re dressed like a unicorn rinsing to breaks, sparkled to the hilt grinding to disco or civied up and solving a cold case Micah knows what’s up to help you get down.