10 years ago you would have only seen this guy spinning on some decks at your average afterparty with his other DJ friends, diving into the many worlds of electronic music.

Fast forward 5 years from then, MANR was born! Showcasing his diverse music taste through his passion for House. Manr was able to express this love while he held residency for over 2 years at Oceans 6019 in Scarborough. Filling the sun drenched bar with old school and new school classics, nostalgic remixes, and your naughty bass hitting grooves.

Now days Manr Is most commonly seen as a part of the Red Ginger Music family or in the booth at his residency of Geisha Bar in Northbridge. Filling the late night dancefloors with infectious House numbers that makes it hard to not move your feet.

Manr has had many great memory’s during his DJ career. Playing incredible exclusive parties, bass filled sewing room sets, amazing events such as the Habitat Garden Parties and of course Bass Camp, where he returns for his third time around the Camp grounds.

It is nothing but infectious smiles and heart-pumping tunes when it comes to a Manr set. From Tech House to Bass House a sprinkle of Disco and a cheeky breakbeat or 2, you can be rest assured that your dancefloor needs are met by the time he is finished.