Verenity shares songs which shake the soul and make you move. Originally from Berlin, Verenity spent the last decade living in Auckland before travelling to Fremantle for a holiday. Due to unforeseen circumstances she ended up moving to WA and starting her musical journey as a DJ. Since then, Verenity has joined iconic Blazing Swan sound camp God Said No and played her eclectic electronic music mix in the renowned pyramid, Blossom Festival and at other events around WA. Refusing to be defined by a single genre, Verenity draws inspiration from a wide range of music and is ever searching for a soulful sound.

Playing drum kit along with Fremantle’s best DJs in the late 90’s, “Dex & Drums” was the inspiration &  launching pad into Swami’s DJ and producing career. Aquamans Lab is Swami’s live/studio project fusing live elements with electronic beats and bass lines.

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