Hip Hop / Trap / Grime

Armed with a razor sharp tongue and enough bars to build a ladder to the Andromeda galaxy, there is no doubt that Macshane is a force to be reckoned with in the new wave of Australian hip hop. Catch Macshane at Bass Camp alongside Fdel.

Born and bred in Perth hills, Macshane was brought up with music as an integral part of his home life. First discovering hip-hop at an early age, he was instantly enamoured by the music and culture. One night soon after he tried his own hand at freestyle rapping and quickly discovered he had a talent and passion for wordplay that few others possess, setting a path to full time obsession with the craft and the art of rap.

As an artist, Macshane is not afraid to tear up the rule book whether it’s hip hop, grime or drum & bass – coming in hot with complex flows and intelligent lyricism drawing inspiration from his own experiences and thought-process across all corners of the human condition.

As a performer, Macshane wields a broad skill set, able to connect with the crowd and elevate the energy to the next dimension through genuine freestyle and a transfixing stage presence.

With 2 EP’s to his name, including an inextinguishable talent even the haters can’t deny, the future is looking bright for this modern day poet. One thing is for certain, if you don’t know the name Macshane, then you will very soon…

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