Arabesque, hailing from the dirt trodden, arid, dusty desserts of the UK…….

Born and raised on the mean streets of Colchester, he started his musical journey back in the day when minstrels, lords and ladies roamed the lands in search of the freshest beats. He first became interested in the electronic music scene in 1763. Blending everything from Ethnic/Latin/Afro-House, Tribal-Tech and ancient Arabic melodies, Arabesque creates a tumbleweed of the beats and planes of the world.

Music aficionados have described his sound akin to a screaming rattlesnake tumbling down a cliff, but more melodic. You’ll find him somewhere between the ornamental East and on a barely trodden path, way out, in the untamed South West of WA.

Playing drum kit along with Fremantle’s best DJs in the late 90’s, “Dex & Drums” was the inspiration &  launching pad into Swami’s DJ and producing career. Aquamans Lab is Swami’s live/studio project fusing live elements with electronic beats and bass lines.

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